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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I write with a great feeling of accomplishment today. But, I better start from the beginning. About 6 weeks ago we decided to close in some walls in the basement with dry wall. Since we live in a parsonage, a man in the church did the job for us. What we did not know (until afterwards) was that drywalling leaves a HUGE mess of "mud" dust behind. Any toys, clothes, surfaces, craft supplies, etc that were exposed were covered in dust! It was a nightmare for me especially, as I suffer badly from allergies and asthma. Well, it has taken 6 weeks, but the basement floors have been swept and mopped (again and again) until they are dust free. All the clothes that were hanging or piled up have been washed (and rewashed) and sorted into the appropriate bins. (I am an organized person, and every size clothing has a bin. I was just having a post-baby birth lazy streak...) All the bins are tucked away under the stairs or hidden in the crawl space. And, the kids are now welcome to run and play in the basement again. WooHoo! This is a HUGE accomplishment! During some of the worst weeks of winter the kids had no outlet for running and romping (we have a "no-running-in-the-house" rule that applies to the upstairs living area. The basement is fair game for running, pushing baby doll strollers, and riding small bikes and scooters - as well as their noisy toys). Oh - I love my basement!!!

You may well wander - "what about the walls, she didn't mention the walls." Well - they still need wiped down and primed, then painted. But, that job does not seem nearly as challenging as everything I have already completed! Those should be conquered within the week, rather than 6 weeks!

I am a person who needs measurable results - instant gratification. Being a mother, I get very little of that. So, rejoice with me, this basement job has given me a real sense of satisfaction of a job well done!

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