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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Integrated Worship

For years Paul and I rejoiced in taking the kids to nurseries to be watched by someone else while we worshiped without distraction. In fact, I will admit to thinking it was my "right" as I have always been a SAHM. We rarely entered into circles where anyone challenged our ideals about nursery. Enter my Cousin Connie... Cousin Connie and her husband Doug were the first to ever tell us about Vision Forum * and Family Integrated Worship. At the time, I didn't think much of it. But, through the following years God kept showing us passages of Scripture that mentioned children being in the midst of the crowd (and those weren't short 20 minute sermons either!) (John 8:35; 2 Chronicles 20:13) Children were in attendance when the whole book of the Law was read to the Israelites! (Ezra 8:2-3)

This is another issue I do not intend to split the church over, but our family feels strongly that children should be in training to sit through worship and listen! The problem (if you will allow me to call it such) is that this is all so new to us! Paul is behind the pulpit and I am sitting with the children. We have started sitting on the front row so that they can see how close Daddy is - (maybe he can scowl at them from time to time). I expect a lot from my children, because I know that they are capable of sitting quietly. (I am their school teacher...) Another problem is that my kids are the ONLY children in the church! So, naturally, any time that one of them speaks I turn red and assume the whole church is scorning me. (They probably aren't). This is just so new and so hard for me, I need prayer. I have left worship two weeks out of March, because my kids were simply out of control (though maybe no one else thought so).

I admit I have such high ideals because I read so much... but is that a bad thing?! Is it bad to want to emulate the good things you see in someone else? It would be so much easier if Paul could sit with me, but he can't. I have tried sitting with other folks in the church, but they don't typically share my high standards (and the kids will play and/or talk). I need to respect my elders, so I ask myself - are they right? Are my standards too high? These are the honest questions I ask myself every Sunday.

*We are not a part of a Vision Forum church, and I do not necessary agree with all of their doctrine (because each church is different). BUT, I love their homeschool catalog! And, I am encouraged by many of their bloggers!

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