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Monday, March 24, 2008

Rebecca is 6!

It will take some time to assemble my post on my beliefs (during naps, at bedtime, etc)... in the meantime, I wanted to share a pic of my kids. My oldest, Rebecca, turned 6 last Saturday. Nelson is 4, Lydia is 2, and Joshua is 8 months.

This post is to focus on Rebecca. She is a precious girl! I didn't know that little girls could be such big helpers! She desires to be and do all things domestic. She learns very quickly anything to do with crafts, cooking, and sewing. In most cases, she and I are learning to cook together! I had very little practical cooking experience before I got married. Then, for too many years, Paul and I ate out a lot! Now, we are trying to be more healthy and thrifty.
This year we had a small family party. The only gift from me and Paul was a sundress I sewed last week. It was the first garment I have ever sewn in my life! (I thought it turned out well). She had been looking forward to wearing the dress all week, it was to be her new Sunday dress. Well, as it turns out, someone else bought her a fancy dress (shown above). My homemade dress was soon forgotten... I cannot convey to you how hard it was to keep my composure when she announced "Look, an Easter dress!" I am very happy that she had a lovely dress to wear, but it was oh-so-hard to swallow my pride and gulp back tears! (I NEVER told Rebecca about my inner anguish, she meant no harm!) But, let me tell you how my thoughts progressed. At first, I thought her parading around in her new store-bought dress was like pouring salt in my wounds. But, I had an epiphany! You know what salt does in a wound? It hurts, yes, but it works as a cleaning and purifying agent. God was using that episode (small though it may seem) to purify my heart. We know that God grows us and shapes us continually, we can trust His ways! The Bible says in John 15 that Jesus is a vine, and we are the branches coming out of Him. And, God is the pruner of the garden. No doubt God was using my heart-ache to prune me into what He wants me to be. I am not sad or angry as I write now. God has taken away the pain and replaced it with thanksgiving that Rebecca had such a fine dress. As it turned out, Sunday was cold and snowy - she would have been underdressed in a sundress.

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Paul W. said...

You sure have some beautiful children. You handled that well, I love you honey.!