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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aids for Family Worship

Curious minds want to know how we are able to do family worship with 4 kids (ages 6 and under). We are still experimenting - trying to figure out what works best. But, I do have some ideas to share.

We are currently doing a different portion of Scripture after each meal, but we are moving in succession through the Bible. We read Genesis after breakfast, Psalms at lunch, and Matthew after dinner. We try to do one chapter at each sitting.

We also have some neat books that help us.
1- Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs - this is a combination of hymns and Psalter.
2- Truth and Grace Memory Book - this is more or less a Reformed Baptist catechism for children. The first part of the book is verses and songs for the children to memorize. The final half of the book is questions and answers.
3- Psalter
4- The Pilgrim's Progress - wonderfully illustrated

We have also found that sitting at the kitchen table tends to keep the kids better focused. (Especially if we can keep the two year old strapped in her booster chair).

Hope this information is helpful to you as you worship with your families!

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