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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Children are a blessing

Unless you are a complete social recluse, you have heard recent remarks by Barak Obama that reveal his thoughts on childbirth. In short, he said that he didn't want his daughters being "punished with a baby" if she made a mistake/bad choices. Conservative Christians are outraged - "How can he call babies punishment?!"

Here is the question I pose to you...
Nearly every week someone (family, friend, complete stranger) will comment that we must be "done" having children. The really vocal ones quip, "Four and no more!" And, every month we will be in some Christian setting where someone discussing having more babies will say, "We're not having anymore, we took care of that problem!" (I have even heard Reformed brothers and sisters say this!)

Problem?! Punishment?! These terms are synonymous!

Paul and I are what you may call "quiverfull." (Read Psalm 127) We are simply leaving the matter in God's Hands. We did not come to this decision over night! We have been studying and praying for years!

There are moments when I question God, "Why are we always so different from other Christians? Why can't we just be normal?" Over the years, Paul and I have both been told "You think too much." We are the type of people that challenge EVERYTHING! We both grew up Baptist, but we still ask ourselves "Why do we believe...?" This questioning has led to many life changes! I am content being a person who thinks too much! I am content that God made me and Paul so abnormal. (God was gracious in putting me with another person who challenges the status quo! What if I had married a man who never asked "Why do we...?")

But like so many issues, birth control isn't worth splitting the Church over! Nor will we leave a church just because people make rude comments. I welcome my Christian brothers and sisters to leave comments, even if they disagree. Just please, be kind.

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Liz said...

I know what you mean about the hurtful comments. Sometimes the things that are said from other believers can be shocking. I think the heart of the matter is that you are doing what you feel God wants you to do. You are being obedient. That is what God wants from us, to be obedient and follow Him no matter what others think or say. Thank you for sharing your heart!