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Friday, April 4, 2008

Homeschool Computer "curriculum"

When Rebecca turned 6, she received a Webkinz from her grandparents. (A lion she named Aslan) This little toy has turned into our computer skills "curriculum." She gets to play games, make webkinz money, and have a virtual pet with many fun and frustrating choices. For example, should she decorate his room and buy him clothes, or buy food and save money for a potential doctor's visit. So, not only does it teach computer skills (typing, hand-eye-coordination, etc), but it teaches real life scenarios. It is not just a game, for her it is real. While I do not recommend it for anyone under 6, I think it would be great for a child up to 13 (girls more than boys). Games and quiz questions very in difficulty by age.

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Alice C. said...

Our kids all have webkinz (given to them by relatives, mostly) and I totally agree. They can learn a lot from the webkinz world online. It's interesting to me to see which of my children saves money and which immediately spends what they earn. Hmmm...I hope that doesn't predict the future, but it probably does mean we need to do some more teaching about finances!