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Friday, April 25, 2008


On Hammer and Nail's blog the other day I made a comment about idols. My comment was that "an idol is something that replaces God that we don't want to give up." Ever since the day I posted that, I have been under a heap of conviction. There is one thing in my life that I often use as a crutch... sometimes I let my joy for it replace my love for God (especially in the morning). I am talking about my dependency on caffeine. I am NOT joking, I am really addicted. As I write I am suffering from a headache that is the trademark of withdrawal from an abused substance.

I am in sin when I am enslaved to the power of caffeine. This morning was my first morning to face the effects of life without caffeine. Honestly, I did not even want to get up. This is pathetic! The joy of the Lord should be my strength. I should not lean on anything but God to get me through each day.

Yet, all day long I am finding myself frustrated, impatient, grumpy, and above all - irked by a massive headache. Pray for me friends, I am serious about wanting to kick this addiction once and for all!

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