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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lydia update

Read Saturday's blog first.

First, I need to clarify some things... I am going to be specific without being crude or explicit. (It is not ever in my nature to be crude or vulgar, just so you know... you are safe here!) When Lydia has a bowel movement something red and fleshy becomes exposed. But, after she has finished and been wiped it retracts back into the rectum.

When I took Lydia to the doctor this morning nothing looked unusual, the "thing" was inside of her. I did my best to describe to the poor lady - who did her best to keep a straight face as I kept referring to "the thing" as "the thing." (Yes, friends, that's my college education at work!)

As is usually the case at doctors' visits, we found out a thing or two, but were left with more questions than answers! The doctor is certain that the condition is either 1)a partially prolapsed rectum, or 2) an intestinal polyp. At her age it is most likely a polyp and they are usually benign (that is, non-cancerous!) We cannot be sure without my looking very closely at "the thing." If it is a polyp, she will most likely require surgery. If it is a prolapsed rectum... well, we'll see.
In the mean time, she is planning to look over Lydia's whole chart and see if this new development sheds light onto an overall condition.

Also, the doctor did say that she does not think her immunological problem is anything really serious. She is sending us to the specialist out of precaution. That is good to know!

Oh, I told her about the dog having worms recently (in the last year she has had round worms, hook worms, and whip worms - not to mention the neighbors dogs...). I have to get a stool sample from Lydia.

Keep on praying for us. Even if this is just a minor thing, Lydia's overall health is not "normal" for a 2-year-old. But, praise God, her lymph nodes were NOT swollen today! She did, however, have a fever and fluid in her left ear.

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