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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Magazine Covers

While in line at the grocery store y-day I saw some sad magazine covers.
Cosmo Girl!Prom issue says "996 Ways to Turn a Head"
Another line: Sexy prom gowns that...
(BTW, this is yet another reason that I am soooo glad that we homeschool!!!)

These headlines show us how sad the state of affairs is in our young girls! A junior and senior in high school should NOT be trying to turn heads and find a sexy gown! I am heartbroken for these young ladies brought up to think that the best thing they have going for them is their bodies! Oh - if they only knew how fleeting good looks are! (Proverbs 31:30)

So, what can we do? Most importantly, let's set a good example! We need to let our good works define who we are, and not our bodies! (In other words, dress modestly). Secondly, we should not be looking at Cosmo or Vogue for fashion sense either! Those magazines are certainly not God-honoring. Such magazines are all about how to turn a head - this flies in the face of a the biblical command of "shamefacedness." (I Timothy 2:9)

Are we teaching our daughters (and sons) that a woman's value is in her figure? Or are we teaching her that her most important asset is her fear of the Lord?! How are we modelling these things? Are we chasing after the fountain of youth by pursuing every new diet, surgery, make-up etc that comes along? Or, are we striving to live a healthy life - because we are God's temple? Before we can teach the younger women how to behave, we must first examine our own selves.

Practical application: Give your daughter positive attention for her mind and skills and not only her body. We need to set a pattern for her now, that she knows the men worth having are the ones who look at her heart and not her chest!

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Alice C. said...

Another annoying thing is this: I used to turn those magazines over as I went through the checkout line so the obscene covers weren't showing. Now they've started putting nearly-naked pictures on the back, too. It's hard for me to take my daughters and son through the check-out! Great post.