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Saturday, April 26, 2008

my health update

Paul has forbidden me to give up caffeine. He says that I am too sick and weak, and that he thinks caffeine is medicine for me. He forced me to drink coffee this morning. Paul is very good at moderation - I stink at moderation. I will place myself under his authority. He says, "If you were healthy it would be a different story. But, as it is, you need caffeine." He has also reminded me that the reason I started drinking caffeine a few months ago was under doctor's orders. (My pulse was dropping into 40 bpm. The doctor said "Drink a Coke. Do whatever it takes to get your heart going.")

I still haven't found a new doctor for my thyroid condition, but I do get to see an endocrinologist on May 13th. I have heard that endos are the least likely to use Armour natural thyroid, they prefer the synthetic treatment (Synthroid). I am still taking my Synthroid (it is better than nothing), but it does not seem to get me healthy or normal. My dose has been increased and with that I am feeling a little more energy and my hands and joints aren't as sore. But, it is still a daunting task to homeschool the kids.

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