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Monday, April 21, 2008

Nine month old (and up)

Joshua is 9 months old now. He can:
-pull up on any furniture item
-walk along the furniture item (the problem is getting back down!)
-crawl,roll (been doing these for months)
-speak some dialect of jibberish
-get a new bruise on his head per day
-make any grown up light up with his love and laughter

Lydia is 2. She can:
-talk clearly (most of the time)
-be as sweet as sugar
-bully her older brother who has been taught to never hit a lady
-set the table
-sort and categorize anything

Nelson is 4. He can:
-recognize letters and sounds, dissect words and identify the letters used
-run, and run, and run, and run, ...
-count (to 20) and add (to 5)
-be the sweetest boy you've ever met
-tackle, romp, tumble with the best of the them

Rebecca is 6. She can:
-be the biggest helper you've ever met
-sit perfectly still in school and church (if she chooses to)
-take care of Joshua
-boss little sibs around
-clean herself in the shower without ANY help - woohoo!
-help cook meals

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