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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Run out of things to say?

Some people have trouble blogging because they don't have enough to say (Paul has told me this). I never have this problem! So, if there is ever a two-day lapse in posting - someone is sick! This week I have had a sinus infection and an ear infection. Also, Baby Joshua still has an ear infection.

For me, going without blogging for two days is like losing my voice! I have so much to say that I am not sure where to begin... I better pace myself.

One piece of good news: Last week when I balanced the checkbook, there was only ONE "eat-out" on the statement! Woo-hoo! This is a huge accomplishment for both our budget and our health!

Also, in regards to saving money, we have decided to keep the AC set as high as possible this year. We are always saying how we could give it up all-together if God called us to foreign missions... but, for some reason that isn't enough for us to live sensibly all the time! Meaning, we think "We have it, let's use it!" This year we will use it to control humidity and allergens, but we will set it high (78-80).

More later.

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