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Friday, April 4, 2008

Worship as a family

Last week my husband quit his secular job, at UPS. His only "job" now is as a pastor of our small, country church. Since his schedule is more flexible now (and he has tons more energy) we have become more committed to family worship. We have moved from once a day to three times a day (after each meal). I don't say that to brag! In fact, sometimes I think we are down-right weird! Who reads their Bible as a family 3 times a day?! (I never did with my family as a kid. I never knew anyone else who did...) This is all so new to me - I have to keep reminding myself that this is why we homeschool - because we are so different.

I can hear my critics now, "Shouldn't you spend that time doing something productive?" Well, what could we do that is more productive than teaching our children Scripture? And, it isn't just for the kids! It brings so much more accountibility to my own heart when I come face to face with my sin 3 times per day (plus my individual reading time). With four kids, I need all the encouragements (and rebukes) that the Bible has for me!

I heard a great sermon by Joel Beeke this afternoon on this matter of family worship. (We download sermons on CD and listen to them in the van). He encourages families to daily have time together spent in studying God's word. I found the message very encouraging!
Does your family do family worship? Do you do it daily? Deut. 6:4-9 says to teach your children when they get up and go to bed (these things happen every day!)

People are always saying, "just wait until they are older..." Paul and I know we are terribly sinful creatures, and we are bound to make countless mistakes. BUT, we are trusting in the Lord to hold our children in His hand and save them from rebellion. This concept is so foreign in today's culture - that we may be able to keep our kids from going astray. We think that family worship is laying this foundation for them. We are going to try to do our best with the few years we have to point them to the Savior - and through God's Grace, they may yet become as weird as we are!

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Alice C. said...

Since you've read my blog (and maybe Eric's?) you know that this is an issue dear to our hearts. We love having family worship and Bible study time. Daily. Amen to your post.