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Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's appointments

The good news:
The oncologist says Lydia's lymph nodes are fine. He admits she is frail, tiny, weak... but she does NOT appear to have cancer. He does not want to see her again or to run any tests. The doctor was very kind and a great listener. He made a few comments regarding her general health.
1- He couldn't get over the fact that she has a "preemie-shaped head." He couldn't believe that she was born on time and had a big birth weight (8# 14oz).
2- Her nodes seem large because she is so very skinny.
3- He commented on her speech delay and said we should have her hearing tested.

He was very kind and his concern and compassion were obvious. He kept eye contact the whole time and even made some small talk about our children and the fact that he has 6 children. The weirdest thing about the appointment was that as he felt the lymph nodes around the base of her neck and under her arms she blacked out (though not from pain). This did not phase the Dr at all, so I guess it is normal. But, Paul and I sure were surprised when her eyes closed and she fell back onto Paul's chest.

About the CF test: We have not gotten results yet. If we do not get them today we may have to wait several days for them to come through "snail mail." I will keep you all posted.

Thank you all for your prayers!

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