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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lydia is a new person!

I promised to keep everyone posted on Lydia's condition, so this is an update to follow this post from May 3rd.

It has been two weeks since I said that Lydia seems to have experienced some healing. Since that time, she has continued to improve!!! She is sleeping an appropriate amount, she is eating a little more, she is running, jumping, singing, and playing. She is even throwing an occasional temper tantrum. It is so good to see her up and moving! When I hear her singing I cry, because just 2 weeks ago she was not even talking!!!

I do appreciate all your prayers! Lydia is a new person!


Nan B said...

Hi Bethany,me again!
I am sure that with your early childhood Hashi's, they have checker Lydia for thyroid problems,so can I ask what the results of that were?
I'm the curious sort,being a retired nurse (not by choice,but by vision problems). I know that hair thinning,falling out etc. can be a result of poor thyroid function.
I am happy to hear she has had a health turnaround and you can rejoice in His merciful heaking power. Hugs,

Bethany W. said...


Thanks for your concerns. Hypothyroid was in the first batch of testing we did. The doctor did not tell me the score, just that it was "normal." I could kick myself for not getting the specific numbers!


nan b. said...

AS you know, Hashi's can flare up and cool down at anytome. Maybe (my uneducated opinion here), she has had a remission. It's not too late to get the numbers from her thyroid tests. May just be a clue there. Would be great if that is what is happening. I am not trying to butt in or diagnose her, but the symptoms sound so familiar. Nan

Bethany W. said...

Thank you again for your opinion. I do not think you are butting in, I think you are concerned. Thank you for your concerns!