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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Went to the Endocrinologist

Yesterday I went to the endocrinologist. She is doing a lot of testing on me, which shows me that she takes me seriously. She seems to think that my adrenal function is low. So, on Thursday morning I take a fasting test to check for cortisol. My thyroid condition is auto-immune. And, the nature of auto-immunological disorders is that they seem to attract other autoimmune disorders. She mentioned that I need to be checked for Rheumatoid Arthritis, because of my joint pains. And, she wants to get me checked for pernicious anemia (I may have spelt that wrong, and I am too tired tonight to link it to wikipedia - sorry.) She also wants to get an ultrasound (of my thyroid) and make sure there isn't any cancer. I am happy with this course of action, I am happy with her aggressive testing. If nothing turns up, and if I still feel this horrible in 6 months, then I will again try to find a Dr that will do Armour natural thyroid with me. But, in the mean-time I am going to try to be content with what I have.

On a side note - she told me "protect" myself against conceiving children right now. She says that I am not in good enough health to support a baby. If you have read much of my blogs, you know that my husband and I feel strongly that we need to leave our child-bearing up to God. So, what do we do when the Dr says "no?" Well, long story short - we still leave it up to God. We are trying to look at this through eyes that are not blinded by all the conventions of the modern world. In our day we have literally hundreds of devices to prevent child birth, but before the 20th century there is no documented evidence of evangelicals using birth control. You can do research and show that there was some forms of birth control even dating back to the Old Testament. (Remember Onan spilling his seed?) Anyway, one has to, at the very least, ask why for thousands of years Christians frowned upon birth control. What we see in Scripture is that:
1) God gives children as a blessing. 2) It is the Lord who opens and closes the womb. 3) In Scripture, we see women begging for children, they desire to have as many as they can - even if it kills them!

So, we will hold to our convictions regarding birth control and we choose to let God decide when to bless us with children... that is not for my doctor to decide. I know this is a touchy issue, so feel free to leave comments. I will allow comments in disagreement, but I may not allow something unkind.

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Ruby said...

No new posts from you today Bethany so I thought I would read over some of your old ones, from before I starting reading your blog.
Dear Sister, you have a lot to contend with with your health. I so admire your conviction and commitment. Re conception: God is in control and isn't it amazing that he sometimes with holds what we think we want, but he is working everything together for good as you love and serve him.
I am going to finish reading you thyroid posts and maybe later comment on my own immune deficiency problems. Will continue to pray for improved health for you but mostly that God gives grace and strength in your needs.