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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paul's Dad is 70

This weekend we went to Boonville, MO to celebrate Paul's father's 70th birthday. Let me start out by saying that Dad doesn't look a day over 50! And, how many 70 year olds do you know that play volleyball with their children and grandchildren?! Dad is so healthy and strong, in spite of his heart stints and skin cancer, that I have to ask myself "How does he do it?" No special diet! Unless you call eating your favorite hearty foods every day a diet. (He swears by eggs and sausage for breakfast, just like his father before him who lived a long,full life.) He does, however, take dozens of supplements and he puts cayenne pepper on every meal!
All of my father-in-law's children made it out to the party. So, there was Paul, his brother, and four sisters. There were about 17 grandchildren in attendance, and one great-grandbaby. It was truly beautiful to hear the Happy Birthday song with about 25 people singing! OH - how I want to hear that when I am 70!
Paul's nephew brought out his horse, Jax. Rebecca was a brave girl to get aboard a horse for the first time, but Nelson and Lydia were too scared. It's no wander - the horse is every inch of 15 hands. Rebecca wanted to ride side-saddle in her skirt, but that wasn't an option - so I found some blue jeans for her. (I don't think that I could get her to wear pants for any reason other than this horse ride!!!)

We spent 10 hours driving y-day, for our short 5 hour visit. It shouldn't have taken that long to drive there, but we took a long detour. We went through an Amish area so that the kids could see a different way of life. With the exception of the Little House on the Prairie shows, they have never seen anyone work a field with their hands, drive a buggy, or the like. We were able to see a few families out, but the fields were too wet to work. We did get to see a few buggies. Rebecca wants to become Amish now - big surprise. We are all prone to idealizing such a life (especially those of us who read an occasional Beverly Lewis novel.) It was really neat to see this new and different way of life through the eyes of my 6 year old! She wants to wear long, homemade dresses, ride horses, and bake foods from scratch. So, in these ways she would fit in. But, is she ready to give up central heat and air conditioning and electricity? I think not.

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