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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why is a good tan so important

I was laughing at myself this morning as I thought about how I used pride myself on my good tan. I went to great lengths to have way too much of myself naturally darkened. I even mowed the yard in far less clothes than one should for that job in the name of getting a good tan. Yes, I was one of those women who my little girl points at aghast and says "Mommy, did you see...." I am NOT happy that I did that. I am not bragging about it. I tell you this now so that you can see that when I talk about modesty you know that I have really struggled over this issue and changed a great deal!

Now I am asking - why is it so important to Christians to have a good tan? First of all, the Bible makes it plain that man looks upon the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at our heart (I Samuel 16:7). Secondly, does everybody really need to be seeing the areas of our flesh that we are trying so hard to get tanned? Do we as Christian ladies need to have every inch of our upper body tanned? The only person who should see most of your upper body is your husband and he should not be too concerned about your tan.

Because of my struggles with modesty, I no longer wear tank tops (without an outer covering). Up until last summer I did, and it didn't strike me as immodest. But, I just don't think it is necessary for me to do so anymore. And, if I am not sleeveless then I don't ever have to worry about the trouble of concealing my undergarments.

I am not going to split hairs over how much is too much to reveal, I am not your judge. But, I am trying to get you to ask yourself this - "Who is it that I am trying to look good for? Am I trying to please men that are not my husband? How important is it that I get a 'good' tan?"

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