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Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving tips and more

I'm at home this week, just very busy! We were able to bale up some hay on Monday night before the rain began Tuesday morning. Since we can't work in the rain, we drove back home Tuesday afternoon. I have been packing every available minute! I am rather an expert packer, but maybe I was feeling a little proud of my capabilities. Maybe I thought that I could do the impossible (and put off packing till the last 3 weeks). My husband has been here every day to help me pack and carry boxes into the garage. Only problem is that it is very hard to pack up books when you have two book lovers saying, "I may want to read that..." I have a stack of about 15 books that we didn't want to pack away (not including Bibles, Psalter, and hymnals).

We still do not have a job or home lined up to go to... Yet, we still know that we are doing the right thing. Unfortunately, knowing that we are doing the right thing doesn't make this much easier! I still have dozens of boxes to pack (most of which will need to be in the last week - think pots, pans, pantry, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc).

Just for fun, here are a few packing tips:

- label, label, label!!! A few extra seconds to label your box may save hours/days of searching! I label the room the box is to go to, as well as anything important in the box. For example, the box may say "Books: Calvin's Institutes, Christians Reasonable Service Vol. 1-4, Lexicons" I am VERY specific on the book box labels.

- clear out one corner of your home (we are using the garage) to stack packed boxes and keep them together. Your loaders will thank you!

-Keep mirror screws/bed screws in their holes, just twist them back in after you disassemble.

- Once inside the truck do not leave empty room inside furniture. Load book boxes inside the bookshelves, small boxes in dresser drawers, light toys, clothes, or towels in the toy box, and lamp shades in the washer and dryer.

- Disassemble beds the night before and sleep with your mattress on the floor.

- For long moves you can use dry ice to keep your cooler cold for days.

- Throw out all the excess junk... outdated pill bottles, McDonald's Happy Meal toys, and other such useless junk - and Goodwill would love to have all those clothing sizes you are keeping "just in case"

- keep disposable cups on hand for drinking the day of the load.

- keep diapers, wipes, and a changing pad accessible

-keep out an outfit for your stinky husband, because he will want a shower after loading all day

-Lastly, I have found it very helpful to keep a laundry basket of items I need the first night of the move - clean towels, toilet paper, tea towels or paper towels, soap, shower curtain/liner.

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