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Saturday, July 19, 2008

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For the last three weeks we have spent weekdays in Boonville, MO and weekends here in IL. We have been helping my in-laws with their first cutting of hay. Since we have been there so much, I have not been here to pack at all! I do not have one single box packed, and I move in 3 weeks! We still do not have a home to move to. Paul is applying with the MO Dept of Corrections for a job at one of the prisons. He has applied and has had one set of testing, but he has more testing to do before he is actually hired. The second set of testing is not until August 13th...

In the meanwhile, we are all still sleeping in one room at Paul's parent's house. It is very cozy, and (I will admit it) kind of precious. I will never forget these days! Last night Lydia could not sleep in her bed alone, because she has been sleeping so much with her sister and brother. The three of them sleep on a skinny mattress on the floor (each with their own blanket). This morning when Rebecca got up she found Lydia asleep on the floor, poor thing! This transition is hard on all of us!

I am still at peace and quite content. The Holy Spirit is still real and powerful in my life. I am a woman whose life has been changed!

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