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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Can we do it?

Moving update - We are moving Monday, can we do it? Can we get it done? With all of the time spent helping Paul's folks we haven't gotten much done here! I can't believe how much there is still left to be packed! I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic...

Job update - Paul decided NOT to work at the prison, it just didn't match up with his personality! He applied last week with Dish Network, they are hiring 20 people. He has had 2 interviews and they said that as long as his drug test and criminal record come back clean he is hired! So, we are just waiting for the official call saying that all his records are in (the more states you have lived in the longer it takes... uh-oh.)

Home search - We have decided that we will live with Paul's family as long as we need to... hopefully we will be out before winter... We just don't have the money for a deposit/first month's rent right now. We praise God that He proved money for the rental truck to move - that it the most important thing right now. The rest will come in His Time.

Health of our family - We were up till 2:30 with Nelson last night. He had the worst hives I have ever seen! We were asking, "Is it allergic reaction to his shirt, is it strep rash (his cousin had it), is it poison oak (a friend had that), is it something else?" We think it is from his shirt, because it is ONLY on his shirted area. But, WHY? We did not change soaps, I ALWAYS use free/clear everything on his clothes! Could it be the washer itself? Lately we have had lots of laundry issues using his mom's washer/dryer! Is there harmful residue, bacteria, mold in the washer?! I think it is one of these things (Paul does too.) Last night we were crying and praying for Nelson, but also for us to have our own home (and washer facility) soon!

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