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Friday, August 1, 2008

Nelson- my future man

My son Nelson is 4 years old. He will be 5 on November 1st, 2008. I am so glad that I read Douglas Wilson's book, Future Men when I did - it totally changed how I see Nelson. I now try to act towards him and expect of him what I would from a future man.

-I used to nag him about his bad habits, but I would never want his future wife to do that! I have tried to shape my speech to give him more respect... knowing that someday he will deserve it.

-I used to expect him to treat me like a lady, but now I am trying to get him to see all girls as ladies. He is not allowed to be crude around any "lady." What's more - he has started helping the little ladies out of the van!!! I am so blessed!

-I encourage Paul to keep Nelson with him more than he used to. And, on the farm, Nelson goes just about everywhere with him! He watches/helps them: work with hay, buy tractor parts at the parts store, and fix broken equipment. I have to brag on Paul here - he is the most amazing man! I am so proud of how he can fix just about anything broken!!! He is shy about being called a mechanic, but he is one! He can fix cars, tractors, toilets, and more. I am so glad I married a manly man!

-I have started praising Nelson for things that many people (and myself!) used to see as faults - and I often do it in front of him. Last week Paul's Dad called Nelson a "burden," because he "has the energy of two men." I said, "Praise the Lord!, we can shape that energy and in a few years he will do the work of two men!" Even now, I am teared up thinking about this very idea! What a job! But, what a great God - who gives us sons and daughters with such potential, then gives us the ability to steer them and train them in the way of godliness!

I praise the Lord for my men - Paul, Nelson, and Joshua!

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