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Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting settled

Yesterday we drove to central Illinois to see my parents and go to the last session of a Bible Conference in Springfield, IL, at the Faith Bible Church. (Listen to sermons from previous conferences here). Today we are spending time catching up with my folks. While grandma watches the kids outside I am going to enjoy playing piano and writing this post. We do not have a piano at our new home and I DESPERATELY miss it! If you are a musician, then you know what I mean!

A couple months ago I had mentioned that Paul was going for a job at the prison in Boonville. Some of you may have been surprised that my last post said he is now with Dish Network. Well, you see, Paul did NOT want to work at the prison, but needed to find a secure job. He applied with Dept of Corrections out of sheer desperation! But, God went before us (as He always does) and dropped this job right in Paul's lap. It is amazing how it worked! He started the day after we moved to our new location! His work weeks will vary - 4 days on, 3 days off then: 3 days on, 4 days off. Every day will be a 12-15 hour day.

As for our house - God threw that into our laps too! Paul's mom talked to someone the day we moved and the other lady mentioned a home for rent in the country. They called about it and the very next day we viewed it and moved our things in! The rent is very reasonable, there was no deposit, and there is not lease/contract. The only problem was that it had no appliances! But, guess what!, God provided those too - and in record time! We got a used fridge from Paul's brother for $75 (a huge, fancy, side-by-side), a used washer and dryer for a total of $210, and my parents bought me a new glass-top oven. The only thing we do not have is a microwave and I don't even miss it!
Now, the home is 100+ years old, so it has its difficulties.... sags in the middle, needs a new roof, has badly peeling wall paper (about 3 layers of it!). But, I am convinced that God will meet all our needs! I am praying about being content, because it isn't all that I want. I do love being able to turn the kids loose in the big yard, and I love all of our kittens, but we have a big problem - NO INSULATION! We moved in on a hot day and never thought to investigate the attic. BUT, the first cold nights we had showed us that we are in trouble! All our warm air is going out the roof! What's worse, it is propane heat! We wanted wood heat, but our current home's chimneys are ruined (and two of them have been cut off and covered). Since we are renting we do NOT want to throw a lot of money in this. We are open to God's leading us somewhere else, but cannot imagine a better rent (as in dollar amount).
Pray for us, we have our hands full! We are considering moving closer to Columbia. It is a MUCH bigger city and has so much more to offer.

Today, Paul was able to get the satellite location (as in, where it is in orbit) for our Hughes Net internet satellite. Ironically enough, you have to get onto the internet to access that information... so we were waiting for Paul to have an opportunity to get on the internet. So, just maybe, he will get the satellite installed tomorrow. Or, it may end up being his next day off....