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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cat scratch fever

Did you know there really is such a thing as Cat Scratch Fever? Actually, they now call it Cat Scratch Disease.

When we moved into this house there was about a dozen cats (this number includes many tiny kittens). Within weeks the number of cats dropped to about 6. We like to keep cats, because they help control the rodent population.

One day Nelson decided to put one of the cats into the Radio Flyer wagon and shut it in. (We have the wagon with the two seats that face each other and can be folded down.) The scratch was a bad one from the beginning! She punctured through his skin right at the knuckle. Within 24 hours the finger was terribly swollen and purple. We did not yet have a local doctor, so I took him to the Emergency Room (ER). At the ER he was very well behaved and submitted to all kinds of poking and prodding. (The doctor and nurses raved about Nelson's good behavior!) The doctor told me that with such a bad infection he was considering admitting Nelson, but he did not. He put Nelson on Augmentin antibiotic.

The finger healed quickly...

A few mornings later Nelson complained that his leg hurt, he would not/could not walk. It was pretty scary, since usually he runs laps around the house in the morning. It was obvious that this was some type of "complication", so I took him back to the ER. While there, Nelson went absolutely crazy. He was crying and screaming irrationally! (I was in tears myself.) It took three ladies to hold him down for X-rays.
I cornered the doctor and said to her, "I know you see bad kids all the time, but my boy is not a bad kid. This is totally irrational behavior. Can cat scratch disease cause delirium?" She said that he was clearly out of sorts and in great pain, but it was not because of the cat scratch. They had to drug him with Tylenol with Codeine. After that we both stopped crying!
Turns out, the local hospital in our small town does not have an MRI machine. And, without that they could not fully diagnose Nelson's hip problem. She labeled it as a problem in the capsule around the joint, but said it could become very serious. The leg problem did not turn out to be serious. It healed quickly.
As for the delirium - looks like Nelson was intolerant of Augmentin, so we switched antibiotics.

Nelson is fine now, and playing with the cats again...

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