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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun sewing

I had a great time today at the sewing circle! I got acquainted with several ladies from church. I was a little bit productive, I got my curtains done. But, really it was just fun to get out and talk. Also, Rebecca did her first hand stitching with a needle today! She did fabulous! (It must be those years of practice lacing yarn through holes in cardboard!) She had a good time too. Here are took some pictures of my new curtains. I added a picture of our homeschool room too, because I thought it looked great after I rearranged a few things the other day!


Kerri said...

Oh I have so enjoyed reading up on your recently posted days! I didn't realize you were now back online fulltime :-) I do have some "raw" desert ideas. I have done a lot of reading and some trying out of the raw food diet for a while. Not right now as I am nursing, and with Jed's weight gain issues I was a bit scared to eat that way with Jonah. Although Jonah is a chunky monkey! Anyways, let me get my recipes and I'll send you some. It was great to hear your honesty about your move. I do believe it helps others to see someome else struggle and then overcome their thorns :-) And your school room and curtains look great! I really, really, REALLY need to do something crafty for my house! Curtains would be a lovely addition. I also saw a friend of mines shower curtain that she just threw together. It really made a big impact on how her bathroom looked. I have one bathroom with a shower/bath that has a shower curtain, and it has the cheapo 2 dollar white shower curtain hanging there. Can we say boring? My whole house is boring like that. No, really it is! And the two pictures that we have hanging are in Jeremiah's favorite colors.....gray and brown! Help! :-) Ok, I must go and hook up Jed to his feeding and make some muffins for our breakfast. Have an amazing day!

Dawn said...

Aww I like your home, it's cozy! Love the red/white checked fabric! Makes a home have that Americana feeling to it. :-)

God Bless You!

Bethany W. said...

I would love any recipes you can send me!

Bethany W. said...

My kitchen became soooo much more homey when I put up curtains! Now, I need to get it painted!