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Friday, October 31, 2008

Homeschool materials for 2008-2009

I thought it might be a good idea to list the curriculum I will be using for school this year. I am doing this as a reference point for myself as well as informational for my family (I am the first to homeschool in the family). I began this post on July 7th of this year, but did not finish the draft till now. We were without a computer for so many months.

Rebecca - 1st Grade

Bible- The Bible itself

Geography -
- free sources off the internet
- a globe
- Google Earth

Math - Continuing in Saxon 1
- geoboard
- cash register
- pattern blocks
- balance bucket
- linking cubes

English/Literature - The Bible
- any good book we find at the library
- we were recently given the Pilrim's Progress in Pictures, adapted by the Rev. Ralph Kirby.

Phonics/Spelling - Writing Road to Reading, by Romalda Spalding. I rely heavily on this, though I supplement it with printables from all over the internet and from...
- Veritas Press Phonics Museum - I started using this for Rebecca's kindergarten 2 years ago. At that point she couldn't "get it," so I waited another 6 months. Then, she did great with phonics and loved the worksheets, but could not memorize the "special exhibit" site words. I have since abandoned the lessons from Phonics Museum as a dangerous blend of phonics and site words that Becca cannot vacillate between. I use the worksheets as a supplement, but even that is hard - because different phonics programs can/will teach different sounds. I think Nelson may possess the ability to do site words and phonics both, we'll see.

History - The Bible
- a ton of great free resources on Old Fashioned Education! (OFE has every subject thinkable!)

Music - I was teaching piano, but now we do not have a piano. It looks like I may have to teach flute first, because that it what I have on hand. Rebecca is already making consistent sounds from the instrument... we haven't started reading music yet. I still want to teach her to read both treble and bass clef. I will likely use Bastien's books. (I love that those books teach theory and all sorts of really useful things!)
- we sing all day long!

Art - I intend to, but have not yet begun, teach from Drawing With Children, by Mona Brookes.

As for Nelson's kindergarten, it looks very much the same. He is just beginning to write, but he has understood concepts for a long time! He sits through all the same lessons as Rebecca! (We just call him a kindergartner for the sake of the rest of the world...)

Lydia's preschool is sitting in the room during the big kids' lessons and playing quietly with crayons, puzzles, etc. She participates in all games, recess, and PE.

And, of course the girls follow me around and help me as I: cook, clean, wash laundry, do dishes, etc. Visitors at our house are surprised (sometimes alarmed) at how much Becca does in preparation and clean up of a meal. Nelson follows Paul and Grandpa around and helps with the manly jobs.

I am sure I left some things out... as you can see, we do not stick to one curriculum. I pick and choose what I like and what works, and even within one book I will pick and choose... I know that drives some homeschool moms crazy, but it works for our family.


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