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Monday, October 27, 2008

Vaccinations - Part 1

I have long been wanting to mention the issue of vaccinations on my blog. I will risk disagreement here, so that just maybe someone may be helped.

Disclaimer - Whether you vaccinate or not is NOT a salvation issue. We can be sisters in Christ even if we disagree.

You see, I always vaccinated my kids - I would praise God through their screaming (while being administered the shots) that He made a way for them to avoid all types of nasty diseases. My children even got the more optional shots against flu and chicken pox. That all changed this past year. One of my friends, Paula, kept telling my to research the issue for myself. And, I kept dragging my feet. Finally, I did a google search for anti-vax websites. I was aghast at what I learned! I never knew vaccines could be dangerous! I never knew they contained aborted babies! After a little research I went to the CDCs site to read ingredient lists. Good night!, did you know there is borax in their vaccines?! I looked up every ingredient individually on wikipedia or google and I was livid! They put all that in my kids' shots?! I discovered so many things through that study that I am now anti-vax myself!

We are all sold so many lies by the health department and the CDC, that I don't doubt that many of my readers will disagree with me... especially my family. I know that most people think, "You cannot afford to NOT get your kids vaccinated." I firmly believe that I cannot afford to HAVE them vaxed! I will put some links here and there and you can see for yourself. Save them all on your favorites and look at them as time allows (that's what I did).

CDC vaccines Ingredient lists - Read it for yourself, be sure to look up the big words! You will see that there is still Mercury in some. They have an * by it to indicate that it is a safe amount. But, as the next article indicates, they don't know what the safe limit is!!! Do you want your kid to be a guinea pig?! In an age where animal testing is prohibited (and certainly human testing is) how do they really know what amount is safe except through trial and error?!
Also, these vaccines are made to cause your body to fight things off as foreign agents... is it any wander that so many children have allergies to foods like milk and eggs when they are being injected into their bodies along with toxins to be fought against?! Could that be another reason that you can't give your kids milk and eggs before age one, because it could cause allergies? Yes, no doubt that their little infant bodies shot up with egg and milk toxins every 2 months might create a problem!
Also, I believe that some auto-immune diseases may be caused (or at least worsened) by vaccines. Take me for example, I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Would you be surprised to hear that thyroid hormone is an ingredient in some vaccines?
In children, and especially newborns, how does the body know how to determine which part of the vaccine is supposed to be forever fought off as foreign?!

Here is and article called the Vaccine Cover-Up. When studying anything it is important to go to actual sources. This long article includes minutes from a meeting on vaccine safety. It is a long read, but it shows some amazing/horrible results. For example, one of the men (Dr. Johnson) in the group seeing that there is indeed mercury in the shots would not let his grandson receive them! I know that the paper is long, but do try to read it - first hand sources are best.

Next is VacLib, out to liberate us from vaccines - There are so many articles and links within this one site that it is a little overwhelming.

One pro-life Catholic site has some great links to current research and articles.

Government conceded link between vaccination and Autism - well, at least they are admitting it now! Though, the pay out is small considerring the medical care needed for autistic children!

Here is a WONDERFUL interview on CBS with the former head of the National Institute for Health (NIH). She explains the situation amazingly well!

Monkeys are given US childrens' vaccines and subsequently show signs of Autism!

Follow the yellow brick road, who gets the money from all these vaccines?! Be sure to look at the links at the bottom of the article in her footnotes!

This is all the links I will put on today, but I plan to post my emotional appeal next time - the effects we have seen in my family. (That will be a long post too!) In the meanwhile, pray that God would show you and your family what to do!

I know that those in public school think they have to be vaxed, and indeed they do -if they cannot afford a lawyer... maybe that is a good argument for homeschooling! I know one homeschooled girl that had to get a lawyer to avoid shots before being accepted into Mizzou! And, I know that most hospitals require HepB vax before new baby leaves the hospital. Maybe this is a good argument for home birth! Yes, I know I am getting radical with this - but I am passionate about this topic!

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Jess said...

Awesome post. Thanks for your hard work in putting all these links together!

Bethany W. said...

Thanks for you comment. It did take a while to gets those links put in... but well worth it if it makes someone think things over!

Nancy said...

I have a vaccine site as well because people kept asking me how I came to my decision. Public school is not a problem for non-vaxers. Most states offer exemptions. I know FL has a religious and a medical exemption. I will look over your links when I have time! Visit my blog and there's a link in my sidebar.

Ruby said...

HI Bethany,
I think I have read most of these posts before. Thanks fo rthe link and I will try to read through most of it again. This decision is not mine but I want to be informed.