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Monday, October 27, 2008

Vaccinations - Part 2

If you have not yet Part 1 of Vaccinations start here.

My other post was mostly links to facts to find on your own. This post is mostly an argument from experience - the things I have seen in my own family.

I will organize this by using family members' names as headings.

Bethany (that's me) - If you started with Part 1, then you already know that I never gave vaccinations a second thought till this past year. Up to that point we were all "up-to-date" with our shots. My overall health was fair to good when we moved to seminary in 2003. I was pregnant with Nelson when we arrived in Wake Forest, NC in August of that year. Paul and I had both been accepted to enroll in classes. We got a letter saying that we needed proof of MMR and Tetanus shots to stay enrolled, or we would need to get boosters at an all-day clinic on campus. Well, in the little time I had before that day I could not find/send for our vax records. At the time I thought, "What's the big deal, it can't hurt to be double vaccinated." We both had our shots that week. Paul was fine. In February 2004, I started aerobics on campus. In March, I had an event that changed my life. One day during work out I nearly collapsed in chest pain. I thought I was having a heart attack, I thought I was going to die. That day I went our family physician. After an EKG and other tests I was diagnosed with asthma. I was also nearly incapacitated with seasonal allergies (which I had never had before). I was on all kinds of drugs for allergies and asthma. Since that time, those conditions have improved - some. Last year, I stopped taking my meds for the safety of unborn children I may carry. Is it just a coincidence that I had these conditions arise after my MMR and Tetanus vaccines? Is it just a coincidence that every year that passes brings me better health? I am not going to take any chances, I will NOT be getting another booster!

Also, the last few years I have gotten the flu shot, since I have asthma and an autoimmune disease. The last few years I have gotten the worst cases of flu I have EVER had. So, what's the point?! If I recall correctly, the flu shot has about a 50/50 chance of preventing flu... does the benefit outweigh the risks? Read this article on the worst flu shot ever, April 2008 - ranked at only 44% effective!

My sister-in-law - In training to be a MO Dept of Corrections worker she received a full-load of vaccinations. Her first week on the job (that would be just after the training, of course) she had a seizure - ON THE JOB, and was promptly fired. Praise Jesus that none of the inmates harmed her!!!

My son, Nelson - After his first barrage of shots he slept for almost 30 hours straight!!! Soon after he developed severe eczema! With each set of shots the eczema got worse... still we took him through all of his shots, thinking that we were doing the right thing. He is still afflicted with this itchy rash, though it seems to have improved some. But, I will not be getting his kindergarten boosters!

My daughter, Lydia - Her first year of life she was very healthy and around 90+ percentile on both height and weight. She was also behind on vaccines. At about 15 months we made an effort to get her caught up on vaccines - she was given more than I would care to admit to. After that her percentiles dropped dramatically! By spring of 2008 she was less than 5% weight - failure to thrive. She had many health issues and she was certainly on the autism spectrum. (At 15 months she was running, walking, learning to talk, and understood everything someone spoke to her, then it all came to a stop!)
In May when we took her to an immunologist and he told us to get her boosters immediately, because her responses to certain things were less than average. I give GOD all the glory for healing Lydia. Still, I can't help but wonder if she is getting stronger because the vaccines are wearing off?! She is now up to 25% weight! Praise the Lord!

My baby, Joshua - He had the vaccination at birth, in the hospital - though I was leery. Other than a deep, deep sleep there was no big problem. Then, the poor guy had his 2 month check up. I was still unsure of the vaccination debate, so we got him all his shots (probably even given chicken pox vaccine, I have been stupid enough to vax all my kids against this inconvenience.) Anyway, within a week he developed TERRIBLE eczema! In the passing months his eczema lightened up a lot, but he has an occasional rash.

Now, can I say that all of these things were for sure caused by vaccines? No, not with 100% certainty. But, I am convinced enough that my kids are susceptible to problems from vaccines! We have not gotten Joshie any more shots.

Paul and I often wonder if God showed me this information on vaccinations at just the right time to prevent further damage?! What if Lydia had gotten her toddler/preschool vaccines and developed full-blown Autism? What if my boys' eczema turns into a lifelong condition that prevents serving in the military? (There questions are "humanly speaking." I know God is sovereign and everything will work out to His glory). I cannot answer these questions. But, I am glad that I studied the issue when I did. I am glad that I can now say that I made an informed decision!

Friend, I don't know what side of the vaccination debate you stand on, but is your decision informed and educated? If you are getting your primary information from the CDC have you asked yourself if their may be an ulterior motive? I think much of what is being done in the way of vaccines is all about money for the greedy.

Do you know which diseases kill children and which are just inconvenience? Have you weighed a non-threatening 2 week illness against life-long autism? If you get your kids vaccinated they must get boosters on schedule to stay "healthy." Doesn't it seem easier just to let your child get Chicken Pox one time and be truly immunized?

Please, friend, think about it... maybe there are some vaccinations that your child really can do without.

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Kerri said...

Wow, you really do have a knack for writing! Not that I doubted that, but I was blown away by all that you wrote. It was put together very well! I will have to look for any links that I have on the vaccine issue. I know I saved them, I will just have to weed through my favorites. This week will be crazy busy with reorganizing my house. We also have a visit from my in-laws and I need to put some clues together for a treasure hunt that their grandmother wants to do with them.

I will be praying for Lydia. Hmmmm, the very first thougth that came to me was wheat grass juice, or liquid chloriphil. I don't know why, but that was the very first thought that popped in my head and I thought I would mention it. I have no idea what type of help it could give! Ha, ha! I do know that I have backed out of doing something when I had a "feeling" about it and found out my feeling was right.....but I've never tested it out to see if my "feeling" that I get are always right. BUt I don't think it could hurt her any.

I am just so bummed that I didn't know you when you live in NC. YOu would have lived only 10 miles from me!!!!


Bethany W. said...


As usual, thanks for your comments!

Have fun organizing, cleaning, and preparing for in-laws!

As for not meeting me in NC...
You move often, maybe you could make your next move to MO!