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Friday, October 31, 2008

Vaccinations - Part 3

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Did you know that we have only so much rights in the area of vaccinations? Our free country can mandate that everyone gets vaccines, they can line us up on the square and administer them! Don't believe me? Check out what this lawyer has to say in Massachusetts (one of the volatile states on this issue). In Massachusetts, they actually lined kids up under police/SWAT protection to execute their state's mandatory vaccination rights (mentioned in the previous article).

I talked one day with a nurse from a public health department and she was totally against vaccines. She was so glad to find someone like-minded to vent to. She cannot speak against them on her job, or she will be fired. She is the one who told me about the Massachusetts affair. She is very concerned about the role of public health in this country... she says that it is getting out of hand! (I won't use her exact words, because I don't want my blog shut down by people on the alert for such words against the government. If they can tap private phone calls in the name of public safety, what can they do with public blogs?).

And what about military waivers? Read this.

You may get worked up as I do, you may get involved. But, do not lose sight of the sovereignty of God! Let your voice be heard! Just remember that God is in control! Even if we lose our civil rights in regards to vaccines, homeschooling, and any number of other issues - God remains in control! Remember Daniel in a foreign land? God used that for an amazing end!

Pray diligently for your babies! And, train them to be ready for whatever comes.

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