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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good beginning

Our family has had a good beginning to the week, despite a rough start (the van died, the dryer died, etc). I can barely type fast enough to tell you about what is going on here!

I was made aware just how good a reader Nelson already is! I gave Rebecca some work practicing writing letters and numbers, so that I could work with Nelson. I already knew he could pick out letters and put them together to make words (they are puzzle pieces from Veritas Press Phonics Museum). Still, I wasn't sure if her can do it the other way around -read something already written out. (This might seem like an odd consideration, but for a LONG time Becca has been able to write words, but not read them at all!) He sat on my lap and READ one word after another!!! What joy (bitter sweet though it is) I feel! Seriously, you don't know how many times I thought I was the problem with Becca's reading! I thought "I must be a really bad teacher!" But, Nelson has shown that is isn't the fault of the teacher.

So, my boy can read 3-letter words, very easily, no pauses at all!... and my 6 year old daughter is still not able to catch on at all. You can see why I said it is a bitter sweet joy!

What a good start to the week! I hope your week is going as well as mine is. If it isn't let me know that too! I want to pray for you! Post a comment and let me know if you need a lift - we can all pray for you!


Arthur Sido said...

I totally understand the fatigue, my poor wife is on her first week minus her thyroid and she is all out of whack, she gets hot and then cold, hits a wall and just collapse with fatigue. It is weird how something you never think of can mess your whole operation up.

Steve and Paula said...

Awsome news Bethany!
Make sure you go over to www.cheeseslave.com and read her post on iodine today.
Her blog is a go to for me.
We do not go to the doctor anymore, in part because of how we eat ( nourishing traditions) and the cod liver oil we take, but also because of Natural remedies.
If you ever read anything on the native americans, they write about how there is always a remedy plant next to the toxic plant.
God prepared everything for us.
Now we use the medical commuinity only as needed, and that is rare.

Dickeybirds said...

I HAVE to comment on this. I was recently diagnosed with hashimotos disease, an auto-immune disease affecting the tyroid. I have a list of natural vitamins etc. i am taking (along with armour thyroid). Here is the exciting news, the base cause of these problems is a FOOD allergy, which has caused my immuse system to go wacko. Mine is chicken eggs, dairy, and garlic. I have been fatigued (Oh so tired) and gained weight these last 2 years, and I am feeling SO much better. If you want the list of what I am taking, and some book recommendations please e-mail me!
Good Luck...

Bethany W. said...


I find this very interesting! I have been thinking a lot about food allergies lately. Can you tell me, how did you find out what you are allregic too? Was it trial and error, or the official test?
Thank you for your comment.