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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lewis and Clark expedition

On Monday, Paul and I took the kids and my folks to Harley Park in Boonville, MO to see a point of interest on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. What a fantastic way to homeschool! The kids ran all around and spent all their energy trying to outdo one another. I briefly read the signs to them, and explained the importance of the river before semi trucks! I plan to go back another day and go into more detail. That is the joy of homeschooling!

Paul keeps Lydia warm. Speaking of warmth... you noticed my husband's beard, huh? Well, he's trying to keep warm for winter. He does this every year and shaves it in April or May.


marlys said...

Hallelujah--I'm now registered with Google, and will comment on a blog for my 1st time ever! :-)

I could feel your enthusiasm for the Lewis and Clark "day" with your family--what a wonderful learning experience--rich in memories and family time.

God bless you all! In Him, Marlys

Bethany W. said...

Welcome to the ever-changing world of technology! And, welcome to my blog! Glad you stopped by!