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Friday, November 28, 2008

Swimming in Curriculum Options

I have spent the last hour reading reviews for different science curriculums - I think I am getting a migraine now! (Half joking)

By the time Rebecca was 4, I was already sure that we would use classical, Christian curriculum, and that it would be purchased through Veritas Press. By, the time Rebecca was 5, I realized that our income cannot begin to afford the things in that catalog. Looking back, I am glad that we didn't spend the $1000 I wanted to (for one year's supplies!), because I don't know if I would have really used everything.
I have said on my blog before, that I pick and choose what works for me. I love the freedom of this kind of picking and choosing. BUT, lately I have been wandering how long I will be able to keep this up! I have been homeschooling my kids for pennies. I have not had to buy much -and what we do have was bought with gift money (mine and Paul's) and our tax return. Homeschooling for free requires a LOT of time researching and printing things off the internet, many trips to the library, and a tremendous amount of self-discipline (by the teacher, me)!

So, I am asking myself: Will I be able to keep doing this even as Lydia begins to write, and Joshua joins our class (as a student). What if we have more kids? Will I be able to keep up with everything?

Also, while I love classical ed models, I am frustrated by the lack of science. (They do not introduce science till the child has a much larger vocabulary). So, I really want to get my hands on some Christian, 6-day creation based, science books. My kids are fascinated by blood and heartbeats, all that. And, they ask about stars and planets. They are very interested in bugs, animals, birds, and sea animals. Sounds like the headings in my grade school science books growing up!

I am going to keep using Saxon Math. I am going to keep printing everything I want off of Old Fashioned Education (this is where we get our history and so much more). I will keep reading the Bible to them often! I will keep getting books through the library. But, I want to begin to use some organized science plan!

Here is your chance to sound off. Your opinions count for more than the hour I spent at homeschoolreviews.com! What do you love for science? Does anyone do science for free? Where? I found free worksheets, but only as a supplement to other books and things. I am just too tired to keep trying to run a three ring circus every day it is time to prepare for tomorrow's school.


Arthur Sido said...

I will admit we "cheat" in using AOP Switched on Schoolhouse. I like the material and with a big family of little people, we just have a hard time with more traditional curriculum. My kids are computer savvy from an early age, so it works well for us.

Steve and Paula said...

I was homeschooled all the way. I never did well at math or science, but I must say, Saxon math is the best thing since sliced bread.
Sounds like you would do well with a blend of "unschooling" and traditional schooling.
I came across a program last year where everything was free, and I think it leaned the Latin classical way.
I'll see if I can locate it for you.

Bethany W. said...

Thank you for this idea!

I like the idea behind "unschooling," but I shy away from the term. We consider ourselves to be "in school" around the clock - whether we are in our specific room for that, or not! I feel very strongly that my kids are getting a complete education - it just doesn't look like the one the state would give them!


Disinterested Benevolence said...

I agree that Saxon math is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Personally, I wouldn't get too concerned about science. I don't think you really need anything in the way of a "formal" science curriculum until your kids are into high school. Not that you shouldn't do science......just make it informal. read them stories

Bethany W. said...

Disinterested Benevolence- You have a very interesting screen name! The Baldwin project is great! Thank you for reminding me about that resource!

Most everyone who is e-mailing/calling/posting is saying about the same thing... just wait, don't try to push science. And, I agree with the research that shows that kids are not ready for a lot of big scientific words until they are older.

Even when I think about buying a science curriculum, it was never with the intention of actually using all the ideas for "doing school." More than anything I just want suggestion to safe, Christian-based science books! (Where I can look up information, show some great pictures, and just expand their minds with a new idea!)

Thank you ALL for your comments!

Steve and Paula said...

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Bethany W. said...


You are a wealth of information, girl! Thank you for passing these neat tidbits onto me, as I do not have enough time to research for myself! I appreciate you thinking of me, and posting that here!


Steve and Paula said...

No problem.
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Bethany W. said...


My email can be found in my profile and "About the Author." I like to get mail from my readers!


Anonymous said...


I've been investigating traditional curriculum for the first time, because I'm getting tired of trying to coordinate everything, too. I've been really impressed with Rod and Staff. They are very Biblically based and affordable! Having several children is making non-consumable, hard-backed texts look very attractive. Look up rodandstaffbooks, the site lets you flip through samples of the books. I'm very close to ordering. And then I'm finished with researching the latest greatest home school stuff. I've wasted far too much time on that already! I want to practice being content with what I have!

Oh yeah, and their science looked pretty fun, too.


Bethany W. said...

Thanks, Kim,
I will look into that... like you said, hard-back, non-consumable! That's the way to go!