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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fighting Fatigue

These past few days have been very difficult for me. I feel as though my body has gone into hibernation mode. I am sleeping at least 12 hours and waking up tired. I cannot/do not wake up when my kids get up. I have been completely unable to perform normal tasks.

This is nothing new to me... BUT I had a few months reprieve and I was taking my health for granted. As you know, I am hypothyroid, and I cannot seem to find adequate treatment. I haven't tried anything but Synthroid, because my insurance won't pay for anything else.

Monday I go to see a DO for the first time and I am hoping that he will be able to recommend natural methods. Paul has agreed to pay ANYTHING out of pocket in attempt to make me well. As I have said here before, I know that God is a healer. But, I know that He may have reasons for not healing me (even though my family begs and pleads). We know that God is all powerful and all-knowing! We trust ourselves to Him! If God will not heal me, then I can/will trust that it is for my good and for His glory.

Still, I wander how bad it will get... Will I be able to keep teaching the kids? In the past I have gotten too tired to teach, too tired to cook, too tired to clean. How bad will it get this time? But, I am blessed! The Lord has given me a daughter who has the heart of a servant! She blessed me today by insisting that she would do the dishes alone! Up to this point she has been learning to wash, and has been supervised. I usually look over her shoulder to watch for dirt that didn't get cleaned off. But, this afternoon, my Precious Becca did all the work herself.

What's more, I heard her reviewing some phonics sounds with Nelson and Lydia today. And, I heard her teaching Nelson to write the letter "X."

I am crying... (sniffles) ... because I don't know what I would do without her. I know that the kids will not go hungry because she can cook too! My human mind doesn't always understand why God doesn't always heal, but this afternoon I am glad that I am sick. If I wasn't so tired I would never know just how precious, useful, and giving my daughter is!

I am so unworthy!


Kerri said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. What an amazing blessing you have on your hands (your dd). If you are interested I can give you the phone number for the homepathic doctor that we are now seeing for Jed. He lives in the mountains of NC, but does phone consultations. If you call his office and ask to speak to him so that you can see if he can possibly help you they will transfer you over to him (assuming he isn't busy at the moment). It is not covered by insurance, but we are in the same boat that you are....what EVER it takes. He will be very honest and let you know if he feels that he can help you. When I first started telling him about Jed the first five minutes or more he didn't have anything to go with on the information that I gave him. BUT when I kept on going down my very long list, finally something popped up and after he told me what he thought it was, said that he thought he could do something for him. It would be worth the call.

Let me know and I can email you the number.


Steve and Paula said...

Hi Bethany,
Have some things for you that will help.
And it costs so very little:o)
When you have hypothyroid, it is important to do the following.
And trust me, this works.
I no longer have the sleepy all the time syndrome.
I am pretty sure I have full thyroid unction again.
So, I take 1 tsp of organic Maca Root. 1 pound of powder costs about $14. Will last quite awhile.
With that, take 1 dose of Ioderal.
I found a source for a 90 day dose bottle for I think $25.
n And then the following.
Never eat refined sugar in any form.
Eat LOTS of good fats, ie., put 4 tbls of real butter on oatmeal at breakfast time.
Find a source for real lard, and use it liberaly.
Find virgin unrefined cocnut oil.
Have about 1 tbls per day.
You will see results within days of doing this.
The other important thing in adrenal recovery is to begin following a WAPF way of eating.
I will leave my email in another comment line for you.
If you would like, I can help you along the way.
I can also give you all the links to getting the Ioderal and Maca.

Steve and Paula said...

Here is my email :o)

Bethany W. said...

Thanks for the offer, but I will try local docs first. I am sure that if this DO doesn't work out there is a homeopath in the area.
I will let you know if I change my mind.

Bethany W. said...

I am so scared of trying new things, but at this point - what have I got to lose? I have been looking at the Maca Root page from your blog. I will show my husband when he comes home from work.

When I got well in May, it was mostly because I started taking Supermom vitamins. (And, because the weather was warming!) I ran out of "Super" vitamins (both mine and Paul's) and now I am feeling terrible.

I want to try Maca, but I also want to get back on my Supers.

Also, it means a LOT to me that you have been in my shoes. So many people I talk to say "I have hypo thyroid and I don't have that problem." It seems like Synthroid may work for some, but not for me.


Arthur Sido said...

We are going through our own thyroid issues, my wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a month ago when they removed half of her thyroid and is going to have the remainder removed next Tuesday, to be followed by a radioactive iodine treatment and then synthetic thyroid meds the rest of her life. Having your thyroid not working properly makes havoc of your life.

Bethany W. said...

Also for Paula,
I know I will be showing great ignorance here, but:
What is a WAPF diet?

Did you see the soda cans in the picture? I am hooked on sodas, sweets, chocolate, etc. I think that if I saw improvement that I could give those up... I think


Bethany W. said...

Oh, Arthur, I am so sorry for you all. That must be VERY difficult when you have so many children to care for and teach!

I know one woman who had her thyroid taken out completely and did great with generic Synthroid from then on (only $4 at Wal-Mart). I WILL pray for your family!


Steve and Paula said...

To see real improvment, sugar and refined carbs have to go.
HTe keep the adrenals highly taxed, which in turn taxes the thyroid....and around and around we go :o(
Anyway,WAPF is Weston A Price Foundation ie., Traditional Foods.
Going back to the foods our ancestors ate is so wonderful.
I feel so alive since doing this.
One thing I forgot to mention, is that eating plenty of good fats, takes away sugar cravings.
I tend to talk alot about WAPF, but it is because even our extended families are switching over, and are discovering major health benefits in the process.

Anonymous said...


So very sorry that you feel so tired.

Remember... His strength is perfect when our strength is gone!

Praying that the God of all comfort will provide you with enough strength to accomplish all of HIS plans for you.


Bethany W. said...


Thank you for your encouragement!


Amber said...


When I read your post about the problems you're having with your thyroid, it sounded so familiar. I went back and found your other posts on the topic.

Oddly enough I have Hashimoto's disease as well. I was diagnosed in my very early teens, and have been on Synthroid ever since.

Thankfully, so far, the medication has controlled most aspects of my problem. I did find some of the advice in this article helpful in addressing some of my continuing problems, but you seem to have a more advanced case.


I pray that you will be able to find something that helps you.


Bethany W. said...

Thank you for the link, I will check into that.

It is odd that I ran out of my Synthroid last week, and I am feeling much better these past two days. Of course, I assume that many of my readers are praying as they promised to do... but wouldn't it be werid if God's answer to my health is to take me off drugs?

To that, I would say, Hallelujah! I would love to be off all my synthetics meds! (Still, I am glad to hear that they work for you).