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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


After a decent night of sleep, I felt up to doing a few last minute preparations for my family (because my back is going "out"). At this point, I think I used my morning wisely. I hobbled into the grocery store to get some unusual foods (Read: frozen pizzas and junk) I also bought paper plates and bowls, so that Rebecca does not have to do as many dishes. I know that she "has to learn sometime." BUT, trust me, she is already worn out! She cried herself to sleep last night, because Daddy wouldn't be here to help today.

Paul was out making Pastoral visits the last time my back went out. Rebecca was with me and watched as I went from bad to worse. They all remember how Mommy had to go away in an ambulance. (Lydia was terrified of ambulances for a month after that!)

So, if I am trying to rest - why did I go to town this morning? Well, it had to be done! The house was not ready to be without a Mom for a few days. I know that Paul has VERY little time to do anything when he comes home from work. I plan to take a Tylenol 3 now, and sleep till dinner. I started a huge crock pot of chili this morning. The idea is that the leftovers will carry us through many days!

Thank you all, dear readers, for your prayers!

As for Joshua's Croup... he is not getting better. We put a humidifier in the room, but it does not help. The kids know that we cannot make him laugh of cry. Someone was teasing him this morning and he went from cooing to barking (that is, the classic seal-like-cough of Croup) almost instantly. We have not given him any meds, but we did put some Vicks on his chest under his pajamas. When we leave the house he is WELL. The cold, brisk outdoor air has a healing effect better than anything else we have found! (Cold humidity is better than hot humidity for the Croup. If you find that a steamy bathroom isn't working, try stepping outside next time!)

Gotta get out of this chair, sitting up is the worst thing I can do. This is part of the progression. I can walk still, I can lay down. I can NOT bend at the waist or lift anything. The kids did all the work around the house and at the grocery store this morning! Rebecca made the PB sandwiches for lunch and poured all the drinks. This really isn't anything new - but to do it like this, under pressure, is more trying to her little nerves. She is a peach!

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