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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Since I have been offline for a few days, it is high time for an update.

Joshua's health: The Croup is gone! He is well.

Lydia's health/the House of sickness: This past weekend, we spent a tiny sum of money on this old house of ours. We bought some cheap 3M air filters to see if they could be fit into our furnace. Ultimately we want to use hypoallergenic filters, but we weren't sure if we could make them fit at all. We have since learned that we can special order washable or disposable filters made-to-fit.

After forcing the air filters to fit, we noticed an immediate change in Lydia! She is not coughing nearly as much, and she is far less snotty (her nose, I mean). Still, there is so much in the air - the problem is not completely solved yet.

We got to looking at the kids' floor, and have decided to remove the carpet. Our old farmhouse has one thing that is still in good condition - hardwood floors! We will be taking out the carpet/padding and leaving the floor bare. We hope that this will help the kids' environment some. BUT, we still need to fix the wallpaper problem. We have 100 years of wallpaper peeling off the walls with moldy adhesive between every layer and plaster beneath it all. The wallpaper cannot be removed, because of the way it has been laid over our old wood lathe/plaster walls. Our landlord is promising to put paneling on the walls... someday. Still, this is only a cosmetic change. The mold will still be on the walls, just covered up better.

Rebecca's reading: Paul has been working with Rebecca and she is improving drastically! He is so much more patient than I am! Yesterday, he spent an hour and a half with her trying to get through one primer (Bad Meg!, from the Veritas Press Phonics Museum.) Today we got out the next primer in the set (To the Rim of the Map, a story of the Pilgrims). She is reading it quite well. Along the way she has memorized the most common words: the, a, of, to. We learned the words phonetically, but the frequent use of them caused memorization. She is doing much better, and I am so pleased with both her and Paul! Praise God that he gave me a husband who has a passion to see the kids learn! Paul's heart is that Rebecca would soon be able to read the Bible and sing new songs from the Psalter with us! I can take little credit for Becca's strides these past few days - it is all GOD, working through my VERY patient husband!

My back: is fully functioning! I put myself on partial bedrest last week and that seems to have cured it (for now).

My thyroid: I had a blood test last week that showed that my body needs more thyroid support. This is no surprise to us... little by little I was getting worse. I know the signs: fatigue, weakness of muscles, and worst of all I couldn't think/speak clearly! When my thyroid is low, I stutter terribly, and often become so delayed by my own stuttering that I forget what it was I was trying to say in mid-sentence. Paul was urging me to fill my prescription for Armour a week ago, but he knew I wanted to see if the Maca Root and Kelp alone would be enough. But, yesterday, he used his power as my Head to say "You are going to fill it and start taking it TODAY." My only complaint is that I have a bad taste in my mouth since I took the first dose. Does anyone take Armour Thyroid? Does the bad taste go away?

I woke up this morning feeling less weak and groggy. I have not stuttered at all today. YEAH! Hopefully, each day will be one step closer to health!

On a much more personal note: You may have noticed that I was taking Tylenol 3 for my back pain last week. (I think I wrote that on Facebook, and not on this blog) This should be an indication to my readers that I am still not yet expecting another baby. While this makes me a little sad, I know God's timing is always best! I am happy to have four children! I love my babies! Still, I ask God for as many blessings as He wished to give me! We stand with open arms awaiting His gift of children!


Steve and Paula said...

Praise God for progress made!
So glad everyone is doing/feeling better.

Say, I am not sure I explained the Maca thing very well.
It does not fix the thyroid.
It is for the Adrenal Cortex, which is usually out of whack along with the thyroid.
I take Ioderal for my thyroid.
Its a high dose of Iodine and Iodene. It works for me.
You should most certainly take the Armour if it was prescribed! But do not stop taking the Maca.
If the adrenals are still whacked out, the thyroid will continue to struggle along.
It is a synergistic thing

Bethany W. said...

I have read about Adrenal function and thyroid a lot on Stopthethyroidmadness.com

I love that site for explaining things! They also have a yahoo group for natural thyroid medication takers.

As for my choosing to begin my prescription, the doctor left it totally up to me. My TSH scores were normal (not that they ever FEEL normal!). The doctor left the option of taking the Armour up to me. I do hope that he cares more about how I feel than the TSH test, it can be faulty. Then, of course, there are all the other tests for adrenal function...

So, you see, you did me no harm!

Ryan and Sandi said...

A possible (though it costs a bit) solution to the mold problem is to paint the moldy area with a special paint. My sister-in-law is currently living in a house where mold has reigned for quite some time... Her little boys have had some respiratory issues, which she partially blames on the mold.

Not long ago, she discovered 'new' mold and spent a day scrubbing the area with bleach then painting over it with a specialty paint which is made for the purpose of sealing mold away from you. If you're interested, I can ask her what she used.

I'm glad to hear that the filters have helped so much already, and commend you & Paul for doing what you can to improve the house for your health in non-expensive ways! :)

Bethany W. said...

Thanks for the idea! I cannot imagine paint working on the wall, as the paper is continually peeling... but we may be able to use the idea somewhere else along the line.

Nan Baker said...

KILZ can be rolled on or painted on with a brush. both seals and kills mold and mildew spores. It is found in the paint section. It would pay to check it out. Hope this helps,
Nan in Oklahoma