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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visit with Dear Friends

We went to church in Troy, MO at Covenant Family Church again this Sunday. One of the families there generously let us spend the night with them. We left from their house to go to IL on Monday morning (to see my parents). It was such a blessing to spend time with like-minded believers.

I hovered over the Dear Mother as she cooked, trying to glean anything I could (while shifting a shy Joshua from one hip to the other). I learn SO much when we go to other people's homes! It is so sad that churches these days (for the most part) are short on breaking of bread within each others' homes! How can we (the whole body of Christ) really be Titus 2 Christians, teaching the younger/learning from the older, if we only see each other one day a week. Plus, many of us wear a "game face" on Sunday morning! We need to be in other people's homes learning how other Christians handle various situations. I learned a lot of practical things about feeding 13 people!

I fear that many people don't want to have guests over for really superficial reasons. You may think: my house is such a mess, they won't like my dog, I don't know how to cook, my house isn't as nice as theirs... these are not good enough reasons to rob yourself from fellowship with other believers! You are doing your friends a real disservice of thought if you assume that they will judge you by your disheveled or out-of-date home! Would you want them to think the same of you? And, if it isn't about what your friends will think - then it is about your own pride!
Right now, Paul and I live in a small house that has a lot of problems (both structural and cosmetic). Still, we have already had people over for dinner and childcare. As we were leaving our guest's home the other day, I said "Our home is too small to put you up for the night, but if you come through the area I would love to feed you dinner!" She answered, "We can bring a tent." Wow!, what precious new friends!


Steve and Paula said...

Does your house have mold in it?
If in general everyone feels better when they are not in the house, then you need to move.
Sorry to be so blunt, but the sooner the better.
THe longer a person is in a moldy environment, the worse things becoms, especially if one already has respitory issues.
Mold poisons the body. It may seem like you are just allergic to the house, but its likely much worse than that.
Menawhile, if you can get your hands on a real Ozone air purifier (by real, I do not mean Walmart variety, but the type that Eco Quest sells) it will help in killing the mold, and make your stay there more bearable.
Eco Quest purifiers are spendy, but they will do payment plans.
Here is a direct email to a seller we know quite well.
I can't recall their business email.
Meanwhile, are you doing any better?

Bethany W. said...

Paula, In answer to your question:
"Does your house have mold in it?" I say - "Is ice fishing cold?!"

Yes! My house has too many things growing to catalog. And, worse yet, the "filter" in the heater is a shabby thing that you could probably stick a pencil through. In our parsonage, We used to buy
3M filters made for allergens every month! But, here - that is not to be.
Also why I think it is mold, when I added the hot mist humidifier, the kids started coughing worse!
I know we need to move, everyone who knows us personally says we need to move... but it just can't be done.
Our rent is almost nothing here - we cannot leave!
Thank you for the Eco Quest idea, though it would be way out of out price range! I would prefer to take that money (for a purifier) and put it towards a move to a diferent house.
I know I make no sense, just pray for us -

Kerri said...

I have been praying for you! I really wish I lived close to you because then I would come over and bring you food and watch your littles for ya.

I am so glad that you had such wonderful fellowship. I know it helps to renew my strength.

Have a blessed day,