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Friday, December 19, 2008


Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "The Old Missouri Farmhouse," because it seems like all I do anymore is whine about my home. Don't get me wrong - I really am VERY grateful to have a house! I have a roof that isn't leaking water on my head. I have central heat. I have indoor plumbing and hot water. These are all luxuries that I am very happy to have!

Paul asked me to post a picture of our house with the straw bales around it. He is so happy that the roaring wind has stopped (at least under the house.)

This first picture is the looking at the Southwest side of the house.
This is the East side of the house.
We also bought a heat lamp to put in the crawl space under the bathroom where the hot water pipes froze. (This is what the former tenants had to do). This has solved the problem of frozen pipes, but who knew one light bulb could cost SO much?! (I mean it costs a lot to run it! Our daily electricity usage is now up to $8!)

In other dismal news, Paul is hating his job more by the day. The demands upon his performance are great, but the pay is not equal to those demands. Since the job is not union, they only pay overtime after 40 hours. So, he can work 3/ 15 hour shifts in a week and only see 5 hours overtime. And, now the weather is worse and they still haven't issued him his coat and coveralls.

Paul and his coworkers were lectured this morning on how they shouldn't bring their home life to work with them... BUT, what do they care that their men carry their work home at night and replay in their minds over and over "how could I have done that better/quicker?". His employers put SO much pressure on him! I am so glad that I am not the man! I would surely bust under the pressure.

BUT, we do praise God that Paul HAS a job! So many people these days are without work! And, it could certainly be worse!

We are praying for: wisdom, positive attitudes, a better paying job (to get us out of debt, not because we want more junk), and a smaller house with wood heat.


Steve and Paula said...

So glad you have been able to conquer some of the issues with the house.
We will pray that Paul is able to bear his job with grace.

Do you all have access to some plastic?
You can tack it all around the outside of the windows with laths.
That should stop the indoor breezes!
You can hop on Freecycle and see if anyone has plastic laying around.
I got a whole bunch of chicken wire that way.
Its amazing what people will give away if they know of a need.

Bethany W. said...

We have not yet gotten any plastic. Mostly because I want to be able to see clearly out my windows to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. I HAVE to be able to see out (to see the deer, birds, dog, cats, etc)
We have thought about covering some (but not all) of the windows. I am sure that as it gets colder we will break down and cover all of them!


Steve and Paula said...

I understand the seeing part.
Our solution has been to use the shrink plastic on the inside.
It is a bit pricey, but when it is place, it is invisible.
I have "bonked" my head on more than one occasion, forgetting it was there LOL!