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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woe is Carpet!

BEFORE: Removing the moldy carpet was a family affair! Everyone helped.

These pictures also show just how badly the wallpaper has peeled.

Above - Here is a closer look at what has been growing under the carpet. I don't think I will ever use carpet again!

Below - This is the halfway point of our project. All the carpet is out of the room. Now we have to scrape mold, remove tacking, and mop. I wish we could cover the walls with something, but that is a project for another day!

I can hardly wait to see the After pictures. I hope to have those up tomorrow. I am ready to have this project behind me!


Steve and Paula said...

You will certainly be feeling better once that is cleaned up! YIKES!
Don't be afraid to use bleach.
It will seep into the cracks and do more work than you can do on the surface.
Hopefully nobody breathed in any of it.
God Bless,

Bethany W. said...


No doubt that we did inhale some as we worked. But, we have been inhaling it now every time the kids stomp around for the last 3 months!