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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bethany is sick!

This is Beth's husband-

Dear friends,
Bethany has been terribly sick the past 24 hours. My parents had to take her to the ER this past Lord's day. As you know it is easier to spend the day in the ER than to babysit four children! So I had the more difficult task, ha, ha. The children were a joy and a breeze. Please pray for Beth, there are no conclusive answers. A CAT scan revealed that the small intestines were inflamed and obstructed, but who knows why. It could be an infection or food poisoning. Time will tell. Thank you for your love and concern, Paul

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Nan Baker said...

Thanks for letting us know. Everytime she misses a days post, I fear she is sick. You all are,and will be,in my prayers.
Nan in Oklahoma
PS Take care of yourself too.
God Bless