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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy about Chickens

Last week, I read a terrific book, Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit, by Sue Weaver. This book is part of the series entitled "Hobby Farms." It was very informative! I really enjoyed learning all the essentials of keeping chickens. The book covers:
-How to pick chickens
-Where to keep them
-What to feed them
-How to let/encourage hens to brood
-How to identify what animal has been in your chicken house (I'll give you a clue, you can tell by what parts of the chicken are left behind)

The book had many helpful graphs and charts to indicate which chickens: lay, (and how often), which are great fryers, which can fly, which need outdoor ranging (or hate outdoor ranging), and much more.

I was fascinated, and am more interested in raising chickens than ever! (This is what I would call a long-term goal.) I also plan to read the other books from the Hobby Farms series!


Steve and Paula said...

Chickens are realy the easiest animal to have. And the benefits are wonderful!
We will be getting ours in a few months.
MMMMMM! Real Eggs!

Bethany W. said...


That's what everyone keeps saying, they are easy. The hard part is getting the chicken house in good condition. It's been 13 years since anyone kept chickens here. It is totally open to preying animals. And, it needs roof and wall repairs to keep out the elements as well.

But, I sure would like to have control over what goes into the eggs that I eat!


Steve and Paula said...

Make sure its snake proof. Those black snakes LOVE eggs.

Arthur Sido said...

Chickens are fun, we always ordered our chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery in Iowa because we could get a couple of each kind and we had great luck in just getting hens. We miss having them now that we live in town.