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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am writing a book

I started writing a book today. Well, actually, I started writing it seven years ago - and I picked up the pen to continue the work on it today!

God impressed a book upon my heart in a BIG way in 2001. I wrote a letter to all my friends and family and asked them to pray. I think I even made a bookmark for my friends to put in their Bibles to remind them to pray for me as I wrote. I never finished the work. Simply put, I was not yet ready then to write the book. But, the desire has been rekindled. God has sent a burst of creativity and order for the work.

These past few weeks, Paul and I were talking about how I would like to write a book. We have talked about some of my fiction ideas. I thought that I would write one of the dear plots walking through my mind. All the while, I had completely forgotten the book from years ago that I began! God brought it to memory today. And, when I remembered it - I started writing... immediately! I am very excited, and a format is taking shape.

I do not want to say too much more, except that the book is Christian non-fiction. Pray for me as I write it.


Ruby said...

Very intriguing!!
Will pray for the work - but would love to know something of it.
It is interesting that the idea which took seed so many years ago is sparking your imagination now! You said Christian non-fiction so I am wondering if it is an area in which your views have changed much in that time?
Curiosity killed the cat!

Bethany W. said...


Thank you for pledging to pray for me! I will tell you more later...