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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting News

While some countries are pushing their citizens to have less children, Japan is actively encouraging its people to have more!


The Pilgrim Pundit said...

I read this story to my wife the other day when it came out. What a shame that the Church in America is losing this battle. So many other cultures, from the muslim to the catholic and now the asian, are seeing the logical fact of strong procreation as a way to guarantee their place in this world... If only the Church would wake up and see, at least the temporal blessings, like a greater amount of 'christian' people. It seems to be another outworking of our punishment, that now even the heathen cultures are more wise than us. We surely do not trust in child-birth rates to revive christendom, but good, healthy procreation, coupled with obeying the Scriptures in the raising of godly seed would be a wondrous sight to behold!

Bethany W. said...


I agree.
I know that it is dangerous to be pragmatic with our Christian faith... but even logically, it seems to make sense to have more children.