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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Joy of Kittens

Happiness is a lap full of month-old kittens. One of our momma cats had her litter on December 29, and they made their debut this morning! First there was one tiny kitten in the mudroom... later there were 3 kittens in the mud room... now there are 5.

I could only get these two to pose with Rebecca.


Krista said...

Kittens!! Kittens are a joy! It's so great that Rebecca can play with them. . .I remember at my Grandpa Sparks' farm, there were always barn cats and whenever I went I would pray that they would be young enough that I could hold them. Other than that, they would be to0 "wild and scared"! OH! He also used to have me go sit in the back mudroom, and he would come in from out side with a bulgy coat. Then all of a sudden he would start pulling kittens out of his coat and overalls! One of my favorite memories!!!

Bethany W. said...

Hello Dear Cousin,
Haven't heard from you in a while!

What a precious memory! My kids all love the kittens! Rebecca gets to handle them whenever she isn't working. Nelson can ONLY play with them when I am right there. He is rough and clumsy, a bad combination. Lydia is as gentle as Rebecca (it's a girl thing!), but still I will not let her play with them without supervision. And, Joshua got to pet one tonight too! He took his index finger and stroked down the kittens back! So cute!

As it turns out, we have 6 kittens! So, you can imagine all of us sitting on the mudroom floor (where Rebecca is pictured in the photos) taking turns holding each baby.