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Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Cat Troubles

I did not get a post written yesterday, because I was terribly distracted...

You see, my daughter (who knows better) let a wild cat into the house. You may think, "If it is wild, why did it go in the house?" Well, have you ever heard the expression, "Curiosity killed the cat?" The cat was holding us hostage from noon to eight. It chose my room to hide out... in particular, under my bed. I tried to lure it out... scare it out... pray it out... nothing worked.

Paul came home at 8, and went straight into the room to "handle" the cat. I heard screaming, and then Paul walked through the house yelling, "I can't get it off me."

The cat bit him, and would not let go. And, it bit him again... and scratched him. We did not take him to ER last night, because it is so expensive. He went to urgent care this morning. He got a Tetanus shot and antibiotic. The doctor is certain that without antibiotic Paul will develop cat scratch disease...

So, sorry I have been too distracted to write. Please, pray for Paul.


Nan Baker said...

he disease,others don't. I am praying this cat did not! I am also praying that Paul recovers fully and quickly. I am surprised they did not want the cat tested for rabies.I am praying also this was not the case.
God Bless you all.
Nan in Oklahoma

Bethany W. said...


They mentioned the rabies possibility. They just told us to watch the cat, to observe his behavior for a few days. Doc said if the cat is rabid, it will be dead/gone in about 10 days. But, Paul and I do not think the cat was that crazy... We think he was scared and cornered.


Steve and Paula said...

Oh my goodness!
I hope he rocovers well, without any infection.
Make sure to use some tea tree oil on the cuts.
That stuff is magic!

Steve had a major cat issue himself last night!
We are taking care of the dog as well as the niece and nephews.
Our three cats hate dogs more than any cats I have ever known.
They are famous for chasing them off our property.
So, we let our little very mellow siamese Gala, stay inside all day yesterday.
I tried to put her out, and she took one look at the dog on the porch and she turned into a screaming ball of claws and teeth all of which missed my skin thank goodness.
Steve got home, and decided to try put her out.
I warned him......
He came back upstairs and said the words, "you were right".
The front of his shirt was ripped open, and he had many claw marks on his stomach and some very deep ones on his shoulder.
And, one of his fingers was badly ripped open.
For the first time in our marriage I said the words, "I told you so"!!!

Arthur Sido said...

See, you guys are apparently not "cat people".

Steve and Paula said...

Is Paul healing up well?

Bethany W. said...


Paul's hand is healing up well! The only trouble he has had is pain in his shoulder from his Tetanus shot. He got the shot on Saturday morning, and he still does not have full-range of motion. Today is his first day back at work. He has full use of his hand/fingers, but not his arm (the shot arm). This may make carrying his 28 foot ladder very difficult.