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Saturday, January 31, 2009

They really do listen

I took the four kids to the grocery store last night, before Paul came home from work. And, it was one of those nightmare trips. First, Nelson bent over the side of the cart and tipped it (I was able to keep it from falling completely over.) Then, Joshua got stuck in the seat of the cart somehow and screamed terribly loud. I could only calm him down by carrying him through the rest of the store. By this point, Lydia was exhausted, and could not walk any more. Since I had Joshua, I could not carry her... or set her in the cart seat. Rebecca came to the rescue (as usual). She picked up Lydia to carry her. I said, "Rebecca, you cannot carry Lydia, she is too big for you and you will be worn out." To which Rebecca replies, "But aren't we supposed to think of other people as more important than ourselves?"

I cried. I kissed her on the forehead. And, I let Rebecca carry Lydia. Rebecca never complained, and Lydia was content as well.


Ryan and Sandra said...

That is SO sweet.

Arthur Sido said...

It can be difficult at times trying to teach little ones, it seems like you are beating your head against the wall but they really do listen and eventually those hours of frustration bear fruit!