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Monday, January 12, 2009

Tired, but better

I was in the hospital yesterday... all day. I was sick all Saturday, I could barely eat all day. And, I had some unusual stomach cramping. I was hungry enough to eat supper on Saturday... but I regretted it. I was up all night sick - and I mean sick! The pains in my stomach felt exactly like labor contractions! It was a pain that was at the top of my abdomen and squeezed downward. And, on a pain scale, it was as bad as labor - a 10! I could not sleep at all. Between the pain and the vomiting, I could not get any rest.
So, Sunday morning, Paul's folks took me to the ER in Columbia. I made the triage to understand that I was not there for the vomiting, I was there because of the pain. I am not the kind of girl who wants to waste hundreds/thousands of dollars on a hospital visit to find out I have a virus. But, I was sure that I had some really serious condition.
I explained my condition to the doctor and I told her I had to lay on only one side all night long, or the pain quadrupled. Apparently, that was the right thing to say. She had CT scans done to look for Appendicitis. It was not appendicitis. The only problem was some kind of inflammation in my bowels.
I refused the pain medicine, because I really don't like drugs. Plus, she wanted to give me an Advil product, and Advil gives me horrid stomach cramps! So, I passed on that...

It looks like I probably had food poisoning.

When all was said and done, I left (in pain) having been re-hydrated (3 bags of IV fluid), with little idea of what was going on. I am supposed to be on a clear liquid diet till the diarrhea stops. I am supposed to take an antibiotic. I am supposed to "take it easy." But, this morning I have already cleaned up the house, started laundry, and daydreamed of every solid food possible! And, the verdict is out on whether or not I will take the antibiotic. Paul and I are talking it out.

I will probably nap today. I may try to write an update later.


Arthur Sido said...

Being sick and in the hospital is no excuse for not blogging. Get back at it!

Seriously though, we will be praying for your recovery.

Steve and Paula said...


Hi Bethany,
Pray you are feeling better.
Check out the link above from this morning, and then cook up a couple of bones and drink the broth.
You will heal well!
And, probiotics a good for you!!

Nan Baker said...

Do what the doctor says, at least with the antibitics.
I suppose they ruled out gallbladder/stones.
Take care of yourself. Hugs and prayers,
Nan in Oklahoma

Bethany W. said...

I would have loved a laptop to do a live blog of my hospital visit... it might have made the hours move by more quickly. But, woe is me, I don't even have internet on my phone.
Thanks for your humor and prayers,

I will do probiotics, I already have some. I will check out the link later.
Thank you, as always, for your health ideas!

The CT scan could not see gall bladder to positively rule those out. But, the doctor was pretty certain that I had no trouble with that. She was concerned that it was appendicitis (even though I kept saying the pain was up high). If I keep having these cramps, they want me to go back in to look at me with a scope.
Thank you for your concern,