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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally Sleeping

After a night spent awake and sick, the kids are finally sleeping! Nelson landed in my bed, and the girls were on the couch. I moved Lydia to her little bed right after I took this picture.


Anonymous said...

I guess it doesn't matter, but I doubt it is rotavirus if you are making improvements in a day - rotavirus can last up to a week (wouldn't that be fun!) and adults rarely get it. Also, you usually develope some immunity, so Nelson getting it again doesn't fit the picture. Anyways, like I said, whatever virus/etc it is doesn't change the symptoms (or treatment, really). yucko.

Chicken soup? I prefer ginger ale over 7up - straight ginger even if possible.

I remember my daughter as a toddler getting what I suppose was Rotavirus (oddly it did not spread to others then) - she did not walk for a week, so weak. (like your little one saying his legs wouldn't hold him!)

Sounds like spring cleaning will come early to your place... in a couple days it will be 60 degrees out - think of all that fresh air wafting through!

I hope you all get some rest - especially you!

-Mrs B

Bethany W. said...

Mrs B,

I plan to take advantage of those warm days! Open the windows, hang out the laundry...