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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got the mudroom re-organized and mopped. Here is the finished product. I think it is the best it has ever looked (and smelled!).

You gotta love how the floor slopes down to the left! The charm of the old Missouri farmhouse!


Ruby said...

Looking good! You're a great worker, Bethany!

Ruby said...

P.S. Mud room is a new term for me.
I take it in places where it snows one needs a mud room?

Bethany W. said...


The mudroom is the place where you enter into a farmhouse, usually the BACK door, where you take off your muddy boots. We have work coats hanging out there, and a shoe cabinet. (If we were farmers ourselves the pegs would be filled with Carhart coveralls and coats. That is the farmer clothing status symblo around here!)

The carpet thanks me for having the kids take off their shoes at the door on wet days. And, you are right, that snow days are messy days! One of my pet peeves is getting wet socks when I step in the slush that someone else brings in on their shoes!

The interior decorator in me wants to get a cute little bench to sit on while kids take off boots/shoes... someday.