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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joshua has been sick

... and has been making an ever-growing mound of laundry for me! Why is it that when that kind of stomach bug hits the family, it comes to the only one who cannot get himself to the toilet!? And, for those of you who don't know, I am puke-a-phobic. Normally, Paul takes care of the puke messes, and I take care of poopy messes. (I consider this a fair trade!!!) But, he has been "down in the back" since Saturday. (For those of you not from Mid-Missouri, that means his back is out of commission).

Paul has scoliosis, and he had a bad fall last month on the ice. His back finally gave out, and now he is confined to a bed or reclining chair. He went to the chiropractor yesterday, and that seemed to help a little. He goes back to the chiropractor tomorrow morning and will find out whether or not he can work this week (a short work week of Thursday-Saturday). Today, he cannot hardly walk still. He did, however, eat at the kitchen table this morning!

Back to Joshua's sickness - I have a lot more laundry to do... sheets, blankets, crib mattress, stuffed animal... Yesterday, I had to go to the laundry mat and spend a small fortune to wash a queen sized comforter that Joshie messed up. The good news, the machine got the comforter very clean!

I told Paul this morning that I think that God intends this episode with Joshua to sanctify me. There are few things harder for me to do than to clean up vomit. And, though it may sound silly to other moms, I literally have to pray for God to give me the ability to do it.


Arthur Sido said...

Ugh. We had our one year old sitting in her crib this morning with dried up puke in her hair. Luckily I was dressed for work so I couldn't do much to help.

April said...

I'm with you--poopie doesn't really bother me that much, but snot and vomit are enough to send me over the edge. Hopefully I can learn to deal with it by the time I have little ones!

Ruby said...

Yep, I'm with you guys! As soon as I HEAR the vomiting thing I am wretching. Hubby is the vomit man and since poopy nappies are done with here I'm home free!!!

Nappy = diapers in Aussie speak.

Steve and Paula said...

So sorry for the vomit! I used to work in a daycare, and in one day, we had all the babies get the runs and start vomiting.
To top it off, the law says they are not to be sent home till they have had three episodes of each!
I'll take one child with those things any day LOL!

By the way, you need to get your hubby on raw milk asap! Even if you can only afford for him to drink it.
The calcium in it will work wonders on his bones!