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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kittens, Kittens, and More Kittens

I think there are 6 kittens in all. Very cute, very soft. Still, I hope that it warms up and we can move them out very soon! Do not think me unfeeling... I care about the well-being of this mommy and these wee babes. But, I care about my own sanity more! And, I see messes in my near future! Did I mention that it was Paul's idea to bring the cat indoors? ; )


Nan in Oklahoma said...

Beautiful babies, and mamas looks happy. May I ask why they aren't in a box?
Momma may appreciate the privacy, and it would save you messes. She will keep them c;ean.
Thank you for letting her share the warmth.

Bethany W. said...


I have never had cats, until we moved here. I know nothing about cats or kittens. I was pretty certain that she was in labor last night (before active labor began), but I figured "She would go outside, if it was her time." Our cats are all supposed to be farm cats, that take care of themselves. The other cats have had litters without any human intervention - I thought this cat would do the same.

I thought about a box, but did not think I should touch the little ones. I also do not know where I can find a box... But, I will look around. I had thought that it would keep the mess contained for a while.

I did think to bring Mama her water and food (and litter box), and she was able to eat some. But, she still has not moved yet. Is that normal? She has had those kitties attached to her, in the same corner of the room since 4am-ish. (The first kitten came at 1:30am, she moved to a new corner of the room at 3:45).

I will try to find a box. Should it be lined with paper? Or, am I supposed to add fabric for warmth? I do care about the cat(s), I even prayed for Mama Cat when she was in labor. But, all the other farm cats do this on their own!

I think that maybe my extreme fatigue has fried my brain...

Steve and Paula said...

Mamma cats are bigger "nesters" then mamma humans.
The basket is ideal.
Also, since they are still bliond, it is best for them to be in a darker corner for a couple of weeks.
We trained our cats that whenever they are inside,(when its -20) they must go potty outside.
No litter boxes for me. They are beyond revolting!!!!

Oh, and you can handle them plenty, unless the mamma throws a fit. As soon as their cord spot heals up, start gently rubbing their bellies every time you hold them.
This ensures a very gentle cat in the future.
When they ball up and fight it, just tell them no, and rub them again.
Our cats roll over like a dog and beg to have their bellies rubbed now.
You can also teach them the very basic commands, such as "no" and "stay".
Most people are rather surprised at how well behaved our cats are.
Well, except for the male... He is fixed, but he is either a two year old toddler, or a 14 year old teenager. Or both!!
You can sit there minding your own business, and he sneaks over and whacks you!
He is 12 pounds of muscle, so it is not a light tap!

Yikes, did I just write a long comment?

Bethany W. said...


Thanks for your helpful hints! The mama cat always used to go outside to potty! I agree that the litter box is awful!!!
I will be sure to rub their bellies. Mama Cat is a very sweet temperament!